Bamboo Ultimate Multi

Bamboo Ultimate Multi

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Stylish? Check! Endless looks? Check! High quality? Check! Earth-friendly? Check! Makes you look and feel confident not matter which way you wear it? Check! Check!

This Canadian-made Ultimate Multi is your MUST HAVE closet item of every season. When it comes to hand crafted, locally made clothing, this one won’t disappoint. Here are the reasons why it’s a customer favorite:

  • It’s super versatile.It’s not called the Ultimate Multi for nothing! What other item in your closet is a 3/4-sleeve shirt, tube dress (with faux pockets!), one-armed shirt, one-armed dress, and a halter all rolled into one?! You’ll want one in every color. Speaking of colors, it comes in a few. Why not grab one of each? 
  • It flatters every body type. Believe us when we say the Ultimate Multi belongs on every woman. It really, really does. In fact, it hasn’t met a body shape it didn’t accentuate. Curvy? No problem! Slim? Not an issue! Tall? No worries! The Ultimate Multi moves with you, flattering YOUR figure no matter how you chose to wear it. 
  • It’s the perfect minimalist wardrobe addition. You might be tempted to throw out your other clothes once you see how the Ultimate Multi really does cover all your fashion bases. After all, its EIGHT completely different looks in one (that we know of!) You might even invent one or two more on your own…it’s been known to happen.

  • If you love travelling, your suitcase will thank you. Packing is a breeze with the Ultimate Multi. Just roll it up, place it in your bag and you’re good to go. No more trying to decide which outfits to leave and which ones to take. Now you can throw in a pair or two (or four) of your favorite shoes instead!
  • Our light weight Ultimate Multi is made with organically grown ultra soft bamboo jersey using low impact fiber reactive dyes. In other words, it’s made with the best of the best in my outfit is truly the bomb material…66% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 6% spandex to be exact.
  • Our line of fabrics and threads are certified by Oeko-Tex: This means that all materials used are free from harmful substances and that the hardworking artisans behind them have safe working conditions and are treated fairly. 
  • This Ultimate Multi is antibacterial AND moisture wicking: Whether you’ve worn it to work, run after your little ones in it at the park, enjoyed a laid back lunch with friends, or enjoyed a much needed night out with your love, your Ultimate Multi will always stay dry and germ free. Just give it a quick hand wash in mild detergent, lay flat to dry, and you’re good to wear it the very next day.

Sizes: S-XL

Colors: Black, Purple, Blue/Green