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IOD Silicone Paint Blades (2 Pack)

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We revealed the long-anticipated Silicone Paint Blade. For use with any troweling technique (that sounds waaayyyy fancier than it really is!) as well as for thicker paint coverage and easy cleanup.

  • The small blade has a 65mm (2.5”) blade
  • The large blade has a 140mm (5.5”) blade
  • They are approx 70mm (2.75”) high
  • They are approx 20mm (0.75”) deep at the thickest point of the handle

When coating a surface with the paint blade, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • “Thin for the win” first coat 
  • Blade angle and pressure control the thickness of your paint 
  • Adding texture
  • Adding color

The paint blade is fabulous for any flat or curved surface. And it will save you time and paint when working on porous materials, such as upcycled cabinet doors, plywood, and other unfinshed woods.

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