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Staalmeester 10cm Microfibre Roller - 2 pack

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Designed for lacquers and varnishes, these microfelt rollers have no equal when it comes to paint. 

Made of a high end micro fibre, these lint free rollers are suited for all paints and topcoats and produce a flawless finish.  These fine quality rollers will withstand several cleanings for multiple projects.

Size: 10cm

Developed by iconic Dutch paint brush company Staalmeester in the Netherlands, we will not paint with anything else - truly.   We've used these Staalmeester rollers and we were amazed at the finish.  Tired of roller marks?  Then this is the roller for you.  Even when we TRIED to create roller marks we could not.  

Staalmeester® has been known for over 70 years for its craftsmanship and dedication to the painter's craft.  Their handmade brushes are made with love and the best materials which is why their brushes find their way to serious painters all over the world.