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Zibra Brush - 2

Zibra Brush - 2" Palm Pro Cut-in or Trim

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Zibra wanted to design a brush that was made for your hand, not the other way around!  The Palm Pro is uniquely crafted, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand for more control and more comfort - and that makes for easier painting!   This brush features the only handle on the market designed to be an extension of your hand, making it great for tight spaces - never worry about your handle getting in the way again! 

Zibra Trim and Cut-In Palm Pro brushes are uniquely designed to paint ON trim or NEXT TO Trim. The difference between the two is the brush head bristle count, the trim series has a cut-in packout to fit right in between the trim and wall.

Zibra brushes focus on unique shapes to make everyday applications so much easier!  Their patented hourglass handle design means no more sore hands and their proprietary blend of white filaments have 25% more in each brush head.  All Zibra filaments are micro-tip flagged for maximum pick up & release of paint, saving you time.  The stainless steel ferrule has an HD aluminum insert to discourage rust.